Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

Navigate the Global Market with Premier Freight Forwarding

Efficiently Connecting Your Business to the World


Freight forwarding with EGF Logistics means more than just shipping from point A to point B. It’s about delivering strategic logistics solutions that propel your business forward in the global market. As your dedicated partner, we handle all the intricate details – from savvy rate negotiations to real-time container tracking, and meticulous customs documentation, ensuring your goods move seamlessly across borders.

Our Freight Forwarding Services Include:


  • Air Freight: Speed is crucial in logistics. Our air freight services offer the fastest transit times to ensure your shipments reach their destination on the tightest schedules.
  • Sea Freight: When costs are your main concern and time is more flexible, our sea freight options provide a more economical solution for your larger shipments.
  • Air-Sea Freight: Ideal for when you need a quicker delivery than sea freight alone can offer, our Air-Sea Freight service begins with air transport to cover distance rapidly, then transitions to sea transport for cost efficiency.
  • Sea-Air Freight: Perfect for when your shipment can start with the economy of sea transport but needs the speed of air transport to complete its journey, our Sea-Air Freight service ensures a balance of cost and time efficiency.
  • Inland Haulage: Connect your cargo to its final destination with our inland haulage services. We ensure safe and timely delivery to and from ports.
  • Railway Services: Looking for reliability and eco-friendliness? Our railway services offer both, providing an excellent option for land-based transportation.
  • Door-to-Door Delivery: For the ultimate convenience, our door-to-door service handles the entire transportation lifecycle, from the sender’s door to the recipient’s.
  • CY to CY (Container Yard to Container Yard): For full container loads, this service is focused on transporting your goods from one container yard to another, ideal for sea freight shipping.
Why Choose EGF for Freight Forwarding?

Our expertise in global logistics planning, paired with our comprehensive service offerings, ensures that your cargo is in good hands. We manage the complexities so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Ready to elevate your logistics strategy? Contact us today to discuss your freight forwarding needs and discover a world of efficient and dependable shipping solutions.