Warehousing is a very important factor in the logistics industry. Warehouses store goods that need to be shipped. Over time, the importance of warehousing has become more powerful in the supply chain. 

Warehousing’s role in the supply chain has become more important during the past two decades. The duties assigned to warehouse operators such as EGF have evolved from maintaining and taking care of the long term storage of goods and products to supporting businesses in the economics of purchasing, producing, and transporting goods, which has allowed businesses to develop time-based supply chain strategies.

There are many types of warehouses, each with its own distinct features. However, they are all considered good if they have these basic qualities:

  • Security and safety
  • Competent warehouse operators
  • Easy accessibility
  • Use of the latest technology and software
  • A well-designed interior
  • Organized picking, loading and storage
  • A thorough quality checking process
  • Quick customer response and prompt delivery system